May at ywfmodels


Our first new model for May will be in studio May 18th. She is 18 and we tried to get her scheduled for this weekend but were unable because she is in college without a car and 5 hours away.

The first weekend shoot, Friday May 3rd, will be just a shorter one with Callie. Callie really wanted to get in a shoot to earn a little money and she has been good to us from the start, accepting little pay when starting the website so we complied.

Sandra should be in studio this month to finish off her series, looking forward to seeing her in the micro bikini and dancing and seeing how she does with an oil series.

Our big shoot of the month is in Milwaukee with Skylar and Belle. That will take place on the 25th and is an expensive shoot so that is why not too many models scheduled this month. Series haven’t yet been planned out but there will be kissing, nudity and perhaps a little touching of each other’s body. There will be a bath or shower series and a bed series and whatever else we can shoot in a not too large of a hotel room.

A little bit about what is planned for June. June 8th we will be adding our youngest model, Lolita or Lavender (haven’t decided yet). She will be non-nude but the clothing she has picked out already will be pretty revealing on a couple fashions (nude lace bodysuit) and she should be a really good addition. A little after her shoot we will be adding a new nude model. She is 21 years old, very pretty and has a beautiful body with just a few tattoos that don’t get in the way. We are planning our first on location beach shoot to start the day. These two models are going to really enhance this website and set things up nicely for Sandra’s nude shoot in July.

There are three or four other models that would like to model for us and we would like to add them and will should the money be available. There is another 18 year old model who has a certain quality that just makes her really sexy so we will really try and get her in either May or June at the latest. Hunter has messaged and has a friend who wants to shoot a two model series with her and that has to be figured in someplace too because you know that will be good. She is sending a photo of the perspective new model and according to Hunter she is hot and not shy about her body.

To sum up the next few months at ywfmodels, can’t wait!


Peyton Panties Show Pink now available

Divider Peyton Panties Show Pink Still012a

Peyton’s final video from our February shoot is available for streaming and download. This series, along with Panties Show Peach, were last minute series and shot in a hurry as shoot time was over. It is 2 minutes 41 seconds in duration.



Sandra Studio Series PS Pt 2 now available

Divider Sandra Studio Series Pt 1 117 a

The weekend update is Sandra Studio Series Pt 2. There are 58 photos in this series.


Sandra Studio Series Pt 1 117x


Priyanka Sheer Delight PS now available

Divider Sheer Delight 44 a

Sheer Delight Part 1 is now available. There are 66 photos with 3 photos added from Part 2.


Sheer Delight 43x


Leggings Series VS now available

Divider Sandra Leggings Series Preview Still009 a

Leggings Series VS is now available for streaming and download.


Here is the bikini Sandra will be wearing for her next series, credit to www.the-bikini.com, be sure to stop by and pick one up for your girlfriend/wife or yourself (I do believe there are a few women members).