Mariah Shoot Results

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Lots of boobies sums up today’s shoot with Mariah. Shoot time was early evening and we finished around 8:45pm. Each of the videos will be full series as we tried to limit duration to 10 to 12 minutes, and we did. Action starts sooner than later. Mariah forgot to shave today so no below the belt video, she says she will next shoot. There is lots of playfulness and teasing/touching from Mariah. In summation we completed 4 videos and 1 photo series featuring 4 fashions.

Work begins now on Hunter’s Ice Cream Bonus which will be available after midnight for many people minus those out west, so technically perhaps a Monday morning bonus.

Mariah Bikini PS 01x
Mariah Bikini PS 02x
Mariah Bikini PS 03x


Mariah Ruched VS now available

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Ruched is 8:39 in duration and is now available for streaming and download. There are no slips in this series or exposed parts like her other recent series but Mariah still puts on a good show. http://www.ywfmodels.com/our-models/mariah/ruched-vs/

We are shooting Sunday afternoon so stop in tomorrow for some shoot results. We have some lovely fashions that didn’t arrive in time for Lavender’s shoot but will work very nicely with Mariah.

Mariah Ruched VS 08x

Mariah Ruched VS 05x


Sandra Summer Dress Pt 2 2000/mobile downloads


Changed streaming video to our regular player and added downloads from there as well. Web guy is notified to see if this can be improved otherwise it’s not worth the monthly cost to use it. It is preferred that the 1080p download remain.


Now back to our regularly scheduled programming…


Lavender Bodysuit Pt 2 Preview download available

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Just a preview to get you through until the next one. New Mariah series will be available tonight and a bonus 4 minute ice cream series from Hunter available tomorrow night. Download is 1920 x 1080 and available thanks to our new server. It should be mentioned Bodysuit Pt 2 will be more than 15 minutes in duration.

Lavender Bodysuit Series Pt 2 Preview VS Download


Summer Dress Pt 2 @ 1080p Now Available

Divider Sandra Summer Dress Pt 2 aa

Summer Dress Pt 2 is now available for streaming and download with actual resolution of 1920 x 1080 at 24fps. This won’t play on your mobile devices so tomorrow the streaming version will be replaced. The new streaming will be mobile capable within a week.


Summer Dress Pt 2 is 11 minutes 20 seconds in duration. There are 10 preview images in her gallery, not in order.


Sandra is well aware of the calls for her naked body from you, and me. She is up for it but needs to be completely prepared like with a visit to the spa and a full bikini wax and those sorts of things. We are planning another shorter shoot this month. It is doubtful about nudity but hopeful for a little more playfulness, sensual type of touching as you see in this series, just more of it.

Sandra Summer Dress Pt 2 07x