Skylar Belle Satin and Lace

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First photo in the series Satin and Lace. 166 photos taken in this series, it will be at least a 2 part series. Don’t they look beautiful in their camisoles? Got lucky on Belle’s cami, found it at a great price. She even wore it after the shoot, it’s very silky smooth and a favorite fashion.

Outside of the room a wedding was taking place with music clearly audible in video part of this series. After a nice bit of kissing there was an applause which happened to fit with the scene. Keep in mind when you are at a wedding in a hotel there could just be a photographer and two naked models having a shoot in one of the nearby rooms. Not sure exactly how this video will be finished – with or without audio, probably a little of each.


Skylar Belle New Friends

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This was the 2nd fashion of the shoot and this photo was taken during video. We had a lovely shoot. Another shoot is in the works for a country theme out at a farm. These two really enjoyed each other’s company and it turns out they live only blocks away. It was a super pairing and no direction was really given to the series, the young women just did what they wanted.

And the best part is you get a series from this shoot tomorrow.

Skylar Belle New Friends 01x


Sandra Leggings PS is available

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Sandra Leggings photo series includes 89 beautiful photos and is now available for viewing and zip download.


Sandra Leggings 20x


Zoey White VS now available

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White is 6:49 in duration and it’s a two part series but second part may just be called oil or something different. White is now available for streaming and downloading in high, medium or low/mobile resolutions.

Preview is just an excerpt from members video and has an abrupt ending. A full series preview video will be added tomorrow.


Zoey White Still008x


Got Zoey?

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Great mini-shoot with Zoey today and you will get a video tonight from this shoot. The video series are all very entertaining. One was just in between series and she started dancing and showing off her body so we did about a 10 minute video like that and the others were a tad more structured. She looked great in the new white panties and corset, and out of those fashions.

Zoey Corset 01x

Zoey Corset 02x