Sandra non shoot visit

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We will be shooting next week and there will be a new series to add from Sandra each week in September. Our pricing structure increases September 1 but still time to lock in a lower up front and renewal rate.

Here is a very casual Sandra. She was already in her car for an hour and has a few more hours to drive so keep that in mind, and these are just resized pics, no editing otherwise.

Sandra casual visit  01

Sandra casual visit  02x

Lavender Orange Crush is rendering, 3 hours to go, about an 8pm addition.


Lavender Orange Crush Preview now playing

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Lavender Orange Crush Preview Download here

Lavender Orange Crush VS 1080 Res Download

And Sandra has confirmed a shoot for a weekday next week. She has plans for this weekend but there will be a quick visit tomorrow and she has consented to a casual candid, even though she will not have showered.


Callie Summer Fashion VS now available

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Summer Fashion VS is now available for streaming and download. The download file is a bit large because it is a 16 minute video so keep that in mind.


Callie Summer Fashion Still006 1080


Callie Summer Fashion Prev DL

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Summer Fashion VS debuts Wednesday. It is 16 minutes in duration. Download the preview here, join for the full version plus download more than 200 other videos. Preview for Lavender’s Orange Crush will be available for viewing and download on Thursday.

Callie Summer Fashion Preview VS 1080p Download


Jenna Bodysuit PS now available

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Bodysuit PS is now available. It contains 66 photos of the very attractive Jenna. First 30 photos Jenna wears yellow shorts and the next 36 photos are without shorts.


Jenna Bodysuit 15x
Jenna Bodysuit 33x