Callie Bikini Series Part 1 VS now available

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Video duration is 11 minutes 30 seconds. It is now available for streaming and download.



Callie Bikini Series Preview

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Perhaps Callie’s best shoot and series today. A bikini series wasn’t done by the beach though, lots of rain where we planned and it seemed to follow us back until we got to the studio where it was mostly overcast. So instead of the beach we walked just outside to the vacant lot along a fairly busy street. No audio was left in for the preview but in the series some will be in just so you can hear the traffic less than a stone’s throw away. In the finished series the editing will be a bit better but for this preview, intended just for the ywfmodels members and visitors, it will work. We shot more than 32 minutes of video for this series, though not all is good footage but figure series should total 24 to 28 minutes. And a few minutes are of her just waiting for the cold shower water to warm up, which it didn’t.

There will be two series coming this weekend. Part 1 of Callie’s Bikini Series Saturday and Skylar Belle Tease VS will be added Sunday.


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Lavender & Natalie VS now available

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Lavender & Natalie video series is 11 minutes 23 seconds in duration. If you enjoy beautiful eighteen and nineteen year old young women you will enjoy this series. It is now available for streaming and download. Color correction has been modified from the preview video.


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Lavender Natalie Pt 2 preview images

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These are more to show off the blown highlights (my apologies) and point out that at this point of the video is where you may find a slip or two. This is from Lavender Natalie Pt 2. Natalie is on vacation currently and when she returns we will look to get her in studio for a much more revealing shoot. Part 2 will be added July 6/7 weekend.

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